About Us

We continuously mould ourselves into high quality and qualified professionals whilst being heavily committed to and living our values.

Our Genesis

Wanting to create a brand, independent of a person, Schneider Tax and Advisory Services led to STA Konsult. Konsult simply means ‘to consult’ in German which is what we excel at. The inspiration for our logo comes from the classic mythological creature, the phoenix. Similar to the phoenix, we are uniquely remarkable in some respects. The phoenix symbolises resurrection, passion, energy, immortality, good health, prosperity, and wealth. All of which are entrenched in our business practices to exceed customers’ expectations.

Our Promise

Exceptional client service
We deliver exceptional client services consistently.
Respect the legal framework
We operate within the parameters of, and respect, the law.
Relevant value-add quality services
We consult, provide relevant advice, and maintain high standards.
Business partnering
We do not only consult, we partner.
Value relationships
We build long lasting and valuable relationships.
Understand the facts and cut complexity
We seek to understand your facts, the law, and complexities.
Value bill, without compromising quality
We agree on reasonable fees and value quality.
Regular proactive feedback
We keep clients up to date regularly.
Timely delivery
We return to you in 24 hours max, and honour timelines.
Live our values
We value diversity, people, integrity, principles, fun, work and high ethic.


Fun | People | Integrity | Diversity | High Work Ethic | Principles Above All


To provide high quality Tax, Advisory, Wealth, and Assurance services, at affordable but value-added pricing, through consistent honing of our strategic principles.


To build a sustainable medium sized Tax, Advisory, Wealth, and Assurance business by 2025. A truly South African business with international reach.

Strategic Principles

Moulding ourselves into high quality and qualified professionals whilst committing to and living out our values.
Growing internal, external, and international relationships.
Achieving financial excellence through disciplined operations, driving a profitable business, rewarding excellence, and creating value for money for clients.
Honing our technical skills whilst meticulously managing our client and engagement risk and acceptance procedures.
Building a strong brand in South Africa, Africa, and internationally, through media, interactions, word-of-mouth, and OUR PROMISE to our Clients.